KitchenFly inspires and teaches you to make cooking an easy part of your everyday life. We provide convenient and customized one-on-one coaching tailored to fit your taste, your lifestyle, and your needs.


Hello! I'm Emily. I started KitchenFly in January 2017 when I received an S.O.S. text from a friend whose wife was in tears over her failed attempt to make a nice steak dinner in the midst of a stressful week. 

It made me so sad! That shouldn't happen! Steak is pretty easy! What's more: Over the last ten years I have published a dozen illustrated guides to searing steak all over the damn internet — videos that "went viral" and posts that received millions of views. I worked as a writer and editor at Bon Appétit, attended culinary school, then launched and ran BuzzFeed's food and cooking department. But none of this had helped my friend and her wife, who I love, and who deserve a nice, relaxed steak night. And studies show that TKTKTK less people are cooking. I also said to my friend in disbelief, "Haven't you guys been subscribing to [a meal kit delivery service, shall remain nameless] for years now? And you still have't learned how to cook a steak?!" Then: "That's it. I'm coming over one night this week five ribeyes and we are doing steak drills." 

And now my friend and her wife cook a mean steak. 

The lesson: For people in some of the most critical life stages — newlyweds, new moms, young professionals, recent college grads— step-by-step videos and recipes alone don't cut it. They don't create habits or lasting effects. 

Since that episode, I've dedicated myself to understanding the most effective way to transform someone into a confident everyday cook. I've learned that most people need to start at square one, so I help clients reorganize their kitchens and set them up for success. I've learned most clients benefit from an academic and practical understanding of simple cooking techniques. I've learned repetition is the only way to build confidence. The KitchenFly teaching method is based on these three core principles. And it gets results. 

For now, my at-home IRL coaching service is only available in New York City.  Ultimately I hope that KitchenFly can grow to support more and more cooks through the video chat, phone, and text-message based coaching. The more people who whose lives, kitchens, habits, and families inform KitchenFly, the better the method will be. 

Providing a "takeaway" is something that lifestyle magazine people like me obsess over. It means giving people useful, actionable information, not just fluff, and it more or less defines service journalism. Most of my career has been dedicated to providing people with a takeaway. KitchenFly is different. KitchenFly is about changing your life. 




Our proven teaching method focuses on only the essential skills you need: 

  • How to reorganize your kitchen to make it easier to cook when you want to. 

  • What essential ingredients you should always have to throw a meal together without a recipe. 

  • Culinary school basics — from knife skills to browning meat to easy sauces. 

  • Recipe lessons tailored to your dietary needs and tastes.