KitchenFly is an in-home kitchen organization service that inspires and enables you to cook more.

Hello! I'm Emily. I started KitchenFly in 2017 when I got a text from a friend who was in tears over a failed attempt to make a steak on a weeknight. As a culinary school grad and professional cook, I often get those texts. But this one seemed extra S.O.S. "I'm coming over tomorrow with wine and five rib-eyes and we are doing steak drills," I said. 

But as soon as I got to her apartment, I realized the first step to helping her cook was to reset her kitchen. Unnecessary tools and cookware were cluttering drawers, making it hard to get to the tools she would need. The pantry didn't have the right weeknight cooking staples. A more efficient kitchen with the right equipment would save her so much time when cooking — and make it more enjoyable. 

In my roles as a food editor at Bon Appétit and BuzzFeed, I created hundreds of recipes, cooking guides, and how-to videosBut I realized none of them had really helped my friend learn to cook and make it a habit. Neither had her two-year subscription to a meal kit delivery service, apparentlyOther friends in critical life stages — new parents, newlyweds, and ambitious young professionals — are having exactly the same experience. 

Since that episode, I've dedicated myself to understanding the most effective way to transform someone's kitchen into a place that will encourage and enable them to cook. The mission of KitchenFly is to help people cook and feel at home in their kitchens. And if you ask my clients, they'll tell that it will change your life. 

-Emily Fleischaker (pronounced "fly-shaker")

Pricing + Packages

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I'll study your kitchen through photos and video chat to get to know your needs, your lifestyle, and your taste. Then I'll provide you with a personalized plan of action and product recommendations. 

You'll get: 

  • An organization plan custom-made for your space and optimized for cooking efficiency and flow. 
  • A personalized list of cooking tools and equipment recommendations tailored to your kitchen that will make you a better cook (ie, should you get new baking sheets, which ones, etc.) 
  • A list of essential ingredients you should keep in your pantry and in your fridge. 
The remote service was much more detailed than I expected. I wish I could hire KitchenFly for the rest of my house!
— Hillary C., Portland, OR

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I spend a day in your home auditing and reorganizing your entire kitchen into an efficient space that empowers and enables you to cook. 

You'll get: 

  • A reorganized kitchen optimized for cooking efficiency. 
  • Decluttering: We'll identify redundant, unnecessary or low-quality tools and ingredients you can give away to create more space. 
  • A personalized list of cooking tools and equipment recommendations tailored to your kitchen that will make you a better cook (ie, should you get new baking sheets, which ones, etc.) 
  • A list of essential ingredients you should keep in your pantry and in your fridge.  
Emily was warm and professional. I can’t believe how much stuff we got rid of — her method really works.
— Sarah M., New York, NY

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THE full transformation PACKAGE

Starts at $1200

My most popular service adds a second session so I can source customized storage solutions that will create more space and order and keep your kitchen organized over time. This package allows us to make the most of your space and ensures you'll get a lasting impact. 

You'll get: 

Everything included in the Kitchen Refresh package, plus: 

  • A priced-out, visual list of storage solutions, containers, and cooking equipment submitted for your approval. These products will be hand-picked to fit your kitchen's measurements and your style. 
  • Purchasing and home delivery of all product recommendations. 
  • A second home visit for installing new products and finishing touches. 
Everything you did has changed my life. It’s not just an organizational thing; it’s a nutritional and plain-good-living thing. I cook more, and I feel more confident with the tools and the ingredients around me.
— Will R., Brooklyn, NY


Wall Storage Installations: $200 — $500. Hanging shelves, pegboards, knife magnets, and other wall storage can be extremely helpful in many kitchens!

Cooking Lessons: $300. Cooking a meal with my guidance in your newly reorganized kitchen helps ensure a lasting impact and puts my work to the test! You'll choose the topic of the lesson, eg, easy pasta, knife skills, meal prep 101, how to cook a perfect steak, etc. 



Build lasting memories cooking delicious food together! I'll provide recommendations for the best kitchen tools, cookware, and tabletop items that deserve a place on your wedding registry. You'll get: 

  • Tailored advice about where to register for kitchen equipment and tabletop items. 
  • A list of specific product recommendations you should register for that's tailored to your kitchen, your taste, and your lifestyle. 
  • A personalized list of ingredients you should keep in your pantry. — just for fun!


If you aren't sure which package is right for you, I can help you decide. Learn more with a free consultation. 


What Makes KitchenFly Different 

The KitchenFly method is based in real culinary expertise. I don't organize closets. I don't organize offices. I approach your kitchen with knowledge that I've built over ten years in the food industry — culinary school, recipe development, food styling, working with chefs, testing cookware, and covering trends. My goal isn't just to clean up your kitchen and give you a sense of order and space; I will empower you to cook more by offering personalized recommendations that fit your lifestyle. 

My kitchen is actually organized, which makes cooking so much easier! I’ve cooked SO much more since having Emily update my tiny kitchen space because preparation and cleanup are now drastically easier to manage.
— Ryan M., Long Island City, NY
We absolutely LOVE our kitchen now. Honestly it is so refreshing going home and opening drawers, everything is so organized — it’s amazing.
— Jenna, Brooklyn, NY
I recently moved into my own place for the first time, and after spending a few weeks boiling water in a non-stick frying pan, KitchenFly saved the day! Emily spent time studying photos of my existing kitchen, my tools, and their placement prior to our session, and gave me very specific ideas specifically tailored to my kitchen and lifestyle. Her ideas balanced practicality and affordability with small luxuries to turn my kitchen into a place I look forward to spending time.
— Samantha, video chat client, Dallas, TX
It was so fun and I learned so much! I feel like my cooking skills are majorly elevated already. Thank you for changing my life.
— Eric, Brooklyn, NY
The cooking lesson at the end was super helpful. After other lessons I haven’t been able to replicate what I learned. But Emily kept it simple and taught me so much in such a short time.
— Julia, Brooklyn, NY

KitchenFly was founded by Emily Fleischaker, a cooking teacher, food writer, and lifestyle media consultant living in Brooklyn. Previously, Fleischaker launched and oversaw the editorial lifestyle team at BuzzFeed, first as food editor then as creative director. She launched and edited Bon Appétit magazine’s website and worked as an editor there for six years. She is a graduate of the professional culinary arts program at the International Culinary Center.