3 core principles of The KitchenFly method

(So maybe "core principles" sounds scary, but we're chill, we promise; we just know how to get results.) 

1. Set yourself up to succeed. 

Most cooking lessons take place in a classroom. But once you're back in your home, you likely can't replicate what you learned. And that's frustrating! That's not how we do things. Our first step is get to know YOUR kitchen, how you use it, what tools and ingredients you have, and where they live. We help you reorganize, suggest storage solutions, and, if necessary, help replace your equipment. Because a workable kitchen is an essential first step to making cooking a regular, easy part of your routine. 

2. Start simple. 

We don't want to just teach you how. We want to teach you how and why. So we start with very simple recipes. It might seem boring to simply sauté a piece of fish alongside basic boiled potatoes and green beans. But learning how to cook simple things properly will allow you to recognize those same ess techniques in more complicated dishes, and that builds confidence. 

3. Repetition: Cook, eat, repeat. 

A very common mistake when people want to become better cooks is to make something new everytime they cook. In reality, you only become a great cook by making one dish over and over again — observing the way it changes from one time to the next if you chop something differently, adjust the heat a little here, cook one component for a little less time. When you make those changes and taste the food throughout cooking, you understand how your actions control the flavor and texture, and how to adjust them. And you learn how to save time — use a bigger bowl here, start this while something else is happening. Any line cook or chef owes their skill to repetition and practice; home cooking is no different.